Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Zoya Shawn

In late December/ early January Zoya was having a promotion where you could get two bottles of polish for free, you just had to pay for shipping. I had never tried Zoya before but I had heard great things about them and I had seen a lot of colors that I liked. I ended up picking Shawn and Yara. The first of the two that I'm going to show you is Shawn.

Shawn is described as "Warm, mossy yellow-toned medium green cream with olive undertones." I really love it, and it definitely fits me because I love earth toned colors and that's pretty much all that I wear. And as much as I love glitters, I love the way a nice creme looks. 
With Flash

This is two coats of Shawn with a coat of Sally Hansen Dries Instantly top coat. Application was great as the formula and brush were both east to work with, I think I had minimal to no cleanup. It dries fairly quickly but I don't think I was patent enough because...

Bubbles! I blame this on myself though, not the polish. Sometimes I'm just too impatient. Overall I really love this polish, it's such a me color, I haven't been able to stop staring at my nails. I was going to do a wear test for this but I accidentally got red nail polish on some of my nails and it's really bothering me, so I'm going to move on to Yara next!

Zoya Shawn retails for $8 and can be found at

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