Sunday, January 29, 2012

Rainbow Connection Layering

I love OPI Rainbow Connection. When I first saw promotional pictures of the Muppets Collection I knew that I had to have it. I haven't worn it as much as I would have liked to, so I decided to give Rainbow Connection some love with a fun layering experiment!

This is two coats of Love and Beauty Turquoise, one coat of OPI Rainbow Connection, and one coat of Love and Beauty Creme. Cream is a very, VERY sheer cream colored nail polish, so sheer that after 10 coats you'll still have visible nail line. Because of that I think it's perfect for layering over glitter or other designs to give a cool effect.

In sunlight

I am really loving how this looks. And seriously, how amazing is Rainbow Connection?

Julep Leah Wear Test

So when I created this blog I knew I wanted to start doing reviews of nail polish in addition to posting pictures of nail art. Reviews aren't anything special though, you can find multiple reviews of any nail polish you want, but you don't find many wear tests (at least I haven't). So in addition to doing reviews I will also post do wear tests, in order to show people how they will hold up.
I will admit that I probably should have done this for a bit longer, but I'm not one to keep the same nails for very long. My nails were painted on Monday night and I removed Leah on Friday night. My base coat was Sally Hansen Hard as Nails and my top coat was Julep Fast Dry Topcoat, and I did not reapply the top coat at all.

Day One (Tuesday)
Day Two (Wednesday)
Day Three (Thursday)
Here's my left thumb on day three
Day Three (right hand)
Day Four (Friday)

Overall I thought Leah held up nicely. There was tip wear and a few nicks (see left thumb and right index finger), but no chips. The tip wear probably would not have been so bad if I had remembered to wrap the polish. I think its also important to note that neither my base or top coat are advertised as chip resistant/long lasting. I'm also pretty tough on my nails, mostly due to theatre, which is not nail polish friendly in the slightest.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Julep Leah Review

The first polish that I've decided to wear from the Julep box that I got is Leah, which is also my favorite. Leah is described as "grass green with a hint of shimmer" which I think is a very accurate description. Leah definitely screams spring. From arms length away the shimmer isn't very noticeable, but it becomes more visible in direct light.

Close up to show the shimmer.
Shown is two coats of Leah (except for my thumb which got three) and one coat of Julep Quick Dry Top Coat.
I honestly can't get enough of this polish and I have a feeling I'll be wearing it a lot in the spring and summer. The polish applied very nicely, and was opaque in two coats. However, if you're doing thin coats (which happened on some of my fingers) you might want to do a third coat. I had no problems with bubbles with Leah, despite thick coats and not waiting for the first coat to dry before putting on a second, so that's a major plus because I seem to always have problems with bubbles. 
Overall Leah is a great color with an amazing formula. Some people have said it's a little on the thin side, but I really liked it. 

Leah retails for $14 at Julep.

Julep Maven January "It-Girl" Box

So a week or two ago a nail polish company called Julep was having a promotion where you could get one of their Maven boxes for a penny (you can find out more about Julep and their maven program at their website), so of course I had to get one! My box arrived a few days ago so I thought I'd show you guys what came in it!

It came in really cute packaging!

All of the polishes came wrapped in bubble wrap.

From left to right: Fast Dry Topcoat, Megan, Leah, Hayden

I mainly ordered this box for Leah and Hayden, as they're very pretty and original (especially Hayden, a neon peach!). Megan is pretty but it's definitely not original and I already own a polish very similar to it. I was also glad to get a topcoat because I go through topcoats pretty quickly. I also received a sample of Every Day SPF Hand Cream. Overall this box gives off a very good first impression. This shipping was quick too, I got my box in less than a week!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

First post!

So if you’ve been following my tumblr, then you’ll know that for a while now I’ve been wanting to start up a blog. Well, today is the day! I figured I would just start out with some nice picture spam. Actual blogging will start with my next post.





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