Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Julep Maven January "It-Girl" Box

So a week or two ago a nail polish company called Julep was having a promotion where you could get one of their Maven boxes for a penny (you can find out more about Julep and their maven program at their website), so of course I had to get one! My box arrived a few days ago so I thought I'd show you guys what came in it!

It came in really cute packaging!

All of the polishes came wrapped in bubble wrap.

From left to right: Fast Dry Topcoat, Megan, Leah, Hayden

I mainly ordered this box for Leah and Hayden, as they're very pretty and original (especially Hayden, a neon peach!). Megan is pretty but it's definitely not original and I already own a polish very similar to it. I was also glad to get a topcoat because I go through topcoats pretty quickly. I also received a sample of Every Day SPF Hand Cream. Overall this box gives off a very good first impression. This shipping was quick too, I got my box in less than a week!

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