Saturday, March 3, 2012

Zigga Zagga Zigga Zagga Oi Oi Oi!

German drinking song? Soccer chant? Theatre chant? Either way, it's fun to say, and I think appropriate for my nail art today; Zig-Zags!
I haven't been feeling my best lately and I've been really uninspired, but yesterday I picked up Orly Ancient Jade on clearance at Ulta and I was so excited about my find that I just had to do some nail art!

First I would just like to say that I am in love with Ancient Jade, it applied great and I just love minty/dusty/pastely/greenish colors. I think a lot of swatches online make this look more blue, but just looking at my nails compared to the above picture, what I took is definitely accurate (the other two pictures aren't as color accurate). I did two coats of Ancient Jade. The black and white are acrylic paints.

I went kind of crazy on my thumb because I drew the zig-zag in the middle before I had decided that I wanted to do them off center. I didn't feel like starting over (because it was 1am and I was out of polish remover) so I just went with it. I found that the best way to match up the zig-zags is is put dots corresponding to where the lines turn (see white dots on thumb) and then connect the dots. When I didn't do this it was a lot harder to match up the lines.

Obviously macro photos show off every flaw, so I figured I should throw in a picture of what it looks like at normal viewing distance. I was originally going to do a tribal print but I really like the off-center zig-zags!

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  1. I love these zigzags! Such a great idea! Adding to my list of things to try!