Monday, March 19, 2012

Nail art brushes that you can find at almost any drugstore!

I don't know about everyone else, but I'm a student without a job, which means I have to be cheap when it comes to a lot of things. Despite my addiction, this also applies to nail polish and makeup. I don't have the money to buy expensive eyeliner, so I figure the Wet n Wild and NYC stuff will get the job done. They both do, in case anyone was wondering, I actually really like the Wet n Wild liquid eyeliner.
So what does one do when these run out or become dry?
Get nail art brushes out of the deal of course!

Here we have two very cheap liquid eyeliners. Wet n Wild on the left and NYC on the right. How do you get a nail art brush? Simply clean the eyeliner off of the brushes, which is incredibly easy because neither are waterproof. I have no idea if anyone has already come up with this but I like to think that I'm crafty sometimes.

Here's the Wet n Wild. I prefer this one both as eyeliner and as a nail art brush, because the brush is nicer and the handle allows you to have more control.

Here's the NYC. As you can see the handle is much farther away from the brush, and the brush is not as thin as the Wet n Wild brush.
I have some nail art that I used my Wet n Wild brush for coming up soon!


  1. omg... You are so brilliant! Thinking of all the used up eyeliners I've thrown away is making me cringe. Such an awesome re-use/recycle tip- Thank you!

    1. No problem! These are great because they make great lines without running out of paint too quickly, unlike my other tiny brush, but they not as long as stipers so you have more control!

  2. What a clever idea, I wouldn't have thought of this!