Monday, March 19, 2012

Charlie Brown

This part weekend I was helping out with my old middle school's production, You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown. I decided it would be fun to do some Charlie Brown inspired nails for the run of the show :)
If you don't recognize this pattern, then you probably had no childhood.
Go watch Peanuts right now to make up for it.

I decided to keep these simple, mainly because it was late at night and I had school the next day. I used my Wet n Wild nail art brush that I mentioned earlier, and just look that the lines on my middle finger (and ignore the ones on my pinky..)! Seriously, it looks like I used tape on that finger!

The yellow is Sinful Colors Pull Over, which is a really weird consistency right now, so it took about 4 coats and bubbled a lot. The black is acrylic paint.


  1. Love your nails!! I'm sure everyone at the Show/involved with it, admired your nails! x

    1. Thank you! They were all middle schoolers and so amazed at the concept of nail art!

    2. I would have thought they would be ontop of nail art! Although, maybe they're too concerned with what each other thinks at that age. This is super cute. One of these days I will get some brushes. (I might have to buy a wnw eyeliner first. That smaller one looked like a great brush. Great idea by the way. I love thrifty ideas. With this ever expanding polish, I need to save money somehow. :))

  2. This is cute!!! Great job!