Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Jamberry Spring Flower

So Jamberry is kind like Avon with how they have representatives that sell the products, and we have a representative in my town who worked with my school to give out samples to people who bought post prom tickets, and these were the ones that I chose! 

I love birds and florals and both are things that I’m scared of even attempting on my nails so I chose the Spring Flower design, which has both! To put these on you warm them up with a hair dryer for 15 seconds then apply to your nail. Then you file off the excess and use the hair dryer again to seal them. It was pretty easy, although I had some problems getting the tips to stay completely smooth on my index fingers. It’s nothing too horrible though, and these feel very secure on my nails instead of feeling like foreign objects. 
Also shown is three coats of Sinful Colors Dream On. 


  1. I wonder how long they will hold up for? I would be curious to know.

    1. They're supposed to last two weeks on your hands and three weeks on your toes. I'm thinking I'm gonna do a wear test and just change my other nails - see how many looks I can do with these!

  2. very nice! i'm actually featuring 'Dream on' in tomorrow's post- great polish.

  3. Let me know how long it well hold up for. Please! But I really like what you did. The nail color looks really good with the jamberry.

  4. Those are awesome, I love them with Dream On! I bet you could pull off a lot of different looks since there are so many colors!