Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Beauty Without Cruelty Deepest Mulberry

Hi sorry I suck at posting. And I want to apologize for the sloppy cuticles but I was sick when I did these (still am) so that wasn’t exactly top priority. 
Anyways this is Beauty Without Cruelty Deepest Mulberry. As the name suggests it is a deep mulberry creme. Pictured is two coats. Application was so-so. The brush is wide, although not as wide as OPI, and the formula is a bit thin so I found it hard to get a good amount of polish on the brush so I wouldn’t have too much/too little. This is definitely more of a fall color but I still think it’s pretty. It wasn’t my first choice but I got it for free so I’m not complaining! This actually reminds me a bit of Sally Hansen Wholesome Earth which I really liked but ran out of a few months ago.  
Beauty Without Cruelty Deepest Mulberry retails for $16.95 and can be found here.

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