Monday, April 9, 2012

Rainbow Honey Siren Song

Where do I even start? I guess a description from the seller would be good, “This polish is in a shimmery aqua blue base and is loaded with various sizes of hex glitter in gold, aqua and holographic blue, dark blues, dark greens, and a sprinkling of microfine blue bars.” How amazing does that sound? I’d also like to add that some of the gold hex glittters are holographic, and there is also small copperish glitter in there also. Pictured is actually one (thick) coat of Siren Song over one coat or Orly Ancient Jade, which I think makes a perfect base for this polish. I’m sure I could have gotten by with just two coats of Siren Song, but it’s a very chunky polish and I didn’t want huge lumps on my nails. As you can see from the picture this polish is packed with glitter and pigment. Definitely one of a kind, definitely amazing.
Application was pretty good considering all of the glitter. I just painted it on instead of “dabbing” which sometimes has to be done with glitter polishes.
Overall this polish is amazing and Rainbow Honey is amazing, if I had the money I would buy each and every one of her polishes. You can find her on facebook and her store is on etsy. Full sized bottles sell for $10 and minis sell for $4. I’m not sure when she restocks next, and she just came out with a new collections so I’m also not sure if she will still be selling polishes from the Chrono Cross collection (which Siren Song is part of). If you have any questions don’t be afraid to ask trough facebook or etsy, she’s really nice and great about answering questions. :)
Natural Light

Backlit by the sun

Direct Sunlight


  1. This is a very pretty color. And the price is not bad at all.

  2. Aaah, looks so good. Wish I can find them in my city...

    1. Rainbow Honey just sells on Esty, you can find her store here:

  3. Almost looks like Deborah Lippmann Mermaid's Dream!