Saturday, April 14, 2012

Fishtail Nails

Fishtail nails! For this I sorta used Precious Polish’s tutorial.
Remember that post I did a while ago about making a nail art brush out an old liquid eyeliner brush? So I took that brush and cut off a lot of the bristles to make it really thin, and that’s what I used to do these. It’s nice because this brush is good at making lines but also good at detail work.
Colors: Julep Hayden, blue and black acrylic paint
Also! A picture of me awkwardly modeling my new ring.  Ever wonder why my pointer finger sticks out instead of lining up with my middle finger? Yeah, it curves funny. And my pinky is really short apparently, that’s why it tends to look weird in pictures too.


  1. I like this color combo and concept! Im actually wearing Hayden right now from swatching earlier bahaha :)

  2. nice many! I gotta give it a try sometimes :-)
    I like your color combo!!

  3. I like this mani, it is very interesting. And your new ring is awesome!

  4. I like this look alot .. here is a tutorial that I've used in the past that seems a bit easier than the one you linked to.